Russia House International Lawyers
Russia House International Lawyers
Russia House International Lawyers is a large law firm, operating in Russia, Europe, Gulf countries, China (PRC) and South Korea.
Russia House International Lawyers has extensive experience in providing complex legal services throughout the territory of Russia, Europe and Asian-Pacific Region. Russia House Lawyers International is represented by 10 subdivisions located in key financial centers in the Russia, Europe, Gulf region, China(PRC) and South Korea. Over 200 lawyers legally support our clients' practice. Moscow office of Russia House International Lawyers has been opened in 2004, and the Moscow subdivision is supposed to play a vital part for the projects management and the legal coordination throughout our clients' location areas. The personnel of the Moscow office is represented by the following key employees: Managing Partner and 5 Senior Partners in the area of corporation, energy, tax, chinese law and governmental public relations law. The mentioned employees depending on the clients' targets and work complexity are empowered to source out legal, finance and audit Russian and foreign qualified specialists for the projects' implementation.

Besides for the Russian lawyers, Moscow office from time to time is to engage under the projects attorneys, who have particular professional skills, from Luxembourg, Italy, UAE, South Korea, Japan and China. Legal staff by the Moscow office in coordination with the local offices has obtained a unique legal experience in handling issues related to various jurisdictions, financial, corporation, administrative, tax and international law, based on the good knowledge of legislation of the Russian Federation, China, South Korea, Japan and other countries. The firm has also a Litigation Department, working for more than 10 years, which is in charge for the legal proceedings and arbitration litigation both in Russia and abroad.
Based on the well-reputed experience of our legal staff, Russia House International Lawyers law firm is enjoyed to offer to our clients the following legal and advisory services to be rendered both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad:
  • Corporation Law. Advising on Russian legal entities foundation; foreign companies branches and representative offices' registration in Russia and abroad; mergers and acquisitions; privatization; corporate securities issues; direct investments; Joint Ventures establishment.
  • Commercial Law. Advising in contractual law; drafting and checking the contracts' provisions made in Russian and other languages, legal support for commercial projects regarding oil and gas industry (including Production Sharing Agreements), energy, transport industry and telecommunication.
  • Russian Governmental Law and Public Relations: furthering and support in license and State authorities approvals' obtaining, expatriates work permits' obtaining.
  • Tax Law. Advising in tax corporate law, including profits tax, VAT, withholdings and tax filing and reporting of behalf of clients. Double Tax Treaties application.
  • Legal proceedings and arbitration. Clients' representation with courts at the trials concerning taxation, privatization, intellectual property, international and other commercial disputes. In filing the claims, our law firm represents our clients with courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts of Russia and foreign countries, with international commercial arbitrations, and it also secures our clients' interests in issuing court orders, recognition and compulsory performance of foreign courts' awards.
  • Securities and secondary financial instruments. Legal advising on the financial instruments, being employed at stock exchange, including American and Global Depositary Receipts; stocks and bonds circulation at Russian and international markets; debt restructuring principles; assets security; emission of secondary financial instruments.
  • Real estate: Legal advising on the acquisition; depreciation principles and market price determination; lease and rent; pledges; construction in progress. Real estate development projects; investments in real estate projects; State authorities approvals obtaining and environmental issues.
  • Banks and financial markets. Providing legal advice on investment projects, including bank crediting transactions, project funding and structural financing.

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